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Troy Cassar Daley - Things I Carry Around

Thursday 1 June 07:30 PM
Run time: 120 minutes
Troy Cassar Daley - Things I Carry Around

Troy Cassar-Daley is proud to present his new album Things I Carry Around live in concert with a very intimate presentation, it's like opening up a large suitcase and having memories and family pictures and sounds and scents and tears and laughter and heartbreak all tumble out around you; a case full of life in all its variations. The songs were inspired through the process of gathering stories, the ones Troy's fans have been waiting to hear - his own - in the book Things I Carry Around.

There's a singular line towards the middle of Troy Cassar-Daley's majestic new album, Things I Carry Around that snags you like a sprig of barbed wire.

"I live the tales that I tell."

He writes and sings about what he knows, without frill, without varnish, with a purity that somehow makes his experiences universal.

VIP Experience

To celebrate the release of his book and 10th solo studio album Things I Carry Around, one of Australia's most loved country music performers,Troy Cassar-Daley, is offering fans a very exclusive VIP experience during his BREC Show.

Be one of the very few guests to experience 'SoundCheck' before Troy's show. VIP guests will have the rare opportunity to go behind the scenes and watch as the crew prepares the audio and lighting. Troy will play a few songs on stage, and then come down to meet everyone, take some photos and chat about what they can look forward to later that night during the show. Guests are welcome to take their own photos during soundcheck.

VIP Experience includes:

  • Exclusive Meet and Greet with Troy Cassar-Daley
  • VIP 'Things I Carry Around' lanyard
  • VIP 'Things I Carry Around' enamel mug
  • Ticket to the show with the best seats available
  • Strictly limited to 30 tickets only