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The Mary G Foundation present

Mary G's Kimberley Showcase

Saturday 22 October 07:30 PM
Run time: 175mins inc interval
Mary G's Kimberley Showcase

Mary Gedarrdyu, the Black Queen of the Kimberley, is excited to announce the inaugural Mary G's Kimberley Showcase for one night only at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre. Featuring the finest cream of Indigenous talent from Australia's far North-West, John Albert, Yatangal-Mervyn Mulardy, and John Bennett, the two and a half hour showcase will take the audience on a unique journey celebrating the Kimberley's indigenous culture through comedy, storytelling and music.

Singer/songwiter John Albert's powerful lyrics and original voice deliver a unique Kimberley sound. Hailing from the Bard people of the Dampier Peninsular in Australia's far north-west, John was the front man of nationally acclaimed Broome band Scrap Metal. John says: "I was born and raised in the northern part of Western Australia where the land is red, the beaches are white and the seas are blue. My music reflects the social issues of family, community and my Aboriginality. I am also aware of my environment, emotions and spirit which I have inherited through Aboriginal culture". Following a break from the music scene John is relaunching his career with the release of his second solo album in 2016. A true treasure of Broome and the Kimberley it is exciting now that John will be joining Mary G in her showcase.

Yatangal (Mervyn Mulardy) is a Karajarri man with deep cultural beliefs and a passion for his people. Raised in Bidyadanga Community, south of Broome in Australia's far North-West, he speaks his language and has spent many years sitting with his Elders to learn and understand the Pukarri Karta Janka (dreaming stories). Mervyn appears onstage as Yatangal- Yatangal is the keeping place of the spirit and the dream that brings that spirit to its physical being. Through his music and storytelling, Mervyn explores and reconfigures contemporary and cultural music traditions and takes his audience on a powerful emotional and spiritual journey. The musical synergies Mervyn builds around his traditional and contemporary political understanding are an expression of Indigenous power that resonates across generations. Yatangal will show and educate the audience on the mystical and sacred aspects of one tribe's belief in themselves and their dreaming and connection to country, language, law and people.

From a remote country where desert meets the sea, Western Australia's John Bennett has emerged as a singer/songwriter with an astounding ability to transport listeners to his home country and transcend cultural barriers. Singing of country and connection to community, John launched his inaugural self-titled album in 2010. Establishing a name as the "voice of the Kimberley", the Bidyadanga community man has written an album that sings to country and connects with the yearning in every person to nurture family and the environment. His debut album which features two time Grammy award winner, Lucky Oceans has also received 12 national music award nominations including awards for WA Indigenous Song of the Year for his track 'Wangkaja', APRA Song Writer of the Year and WA Country Music Independent Album of the Year 2013. Nominations for Male Artist of the Year at the 2011 & 2012 Deadly awards have listed John amongst the likes of Gurrumul and Troy Cassar-Daley.

Celebrating the music and culture of Australia's far North-West, Mary G's Kimberley Showcase is an event not to be missed! WHADDAYOW!!