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Whtie Room Events presents

Hypnolarious 2 - Adults Only

Friday 24 October 08:00 PM
Hypnolarious 2 - Adults Only

VENUE: South West Italian Club, Bunbury
Doors open 7pm

Australia's Got Talent finalist PiP Comic Illusionist is back by popular demand with the sequel to his hit show with Hypnolarious 2 - Adults Only at the South West Italian Club in Bunbury this October. The night will feature fabulous Burlesque performances by Mr Boylesque, and local Bunbury Group Polercise WA will also perform.

With all new clever, naughty and hilarious hypnotic suggestions for his on stage guests, PiP will take their sub-conscious minds on a journey you will never forget.

"I am really excited about coming back to Bunbury with my brand new hypnosis show Hypnolarious 2. I spent a long time writing new suggestions for my on stage guests to experience but with one very important difference to the past, I wanted the show to get a lot more risque than before. What I ended up creating is better than I could ever of imagined," PiP said.

"The reason I took my time in writing the show was because it's easy to create smut when trying to push the boundaries and create a naughty night out for adults. I wanted clever saucy scenarios that you would couldn't wait to tell your friends about the next day in whispered tones. of Course the people that will have the most fun are the ones that come on stage but I can promise that the ones watching won't be disappointed, if you know what I mean."

PiP started performing magic from the age of 4 and has gone from pulling tricks on the streets of Sydney to entertaining at Playboy parties in Las Vegas. He has toured New Zealand and the USA and has now been touring around Australia to rave reviews, stopping off to perform his shows at iconic Festivals such as the Adelaide Fringe, The Sydney Comedy Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


"I watched in amazement as PiP got ordinary people to do activities with such hilarious results that even their friends were shocked and surprised."


"PiP Comic Illusionist's wit is as quick as his sleight of hand in this vastly entertaining show... The ace up PiP's sleeve might be that distraction and misdirection are so much easier when the audience has tears of laughter running down their face."