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The City of Bunbury presents

WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod - Dance Production

Friday 20 June 07:00 PM

One of the highlights of the WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod including the City of Bunbury Eisteddfod is the presentation of the spectacular annual Dance Production Evening which is held on the last day of dance.

The event is one of the biggest nights of the Eisteddfod and ends Dance Week with a full-on night of high-volume entertainment.

Each year, dance is well represented at the Eisteddfod with entrants of all ages from Bunbury, the Greater Bunbury area and the metropolitan areas. Dance schools in the region are of a very high standard and are producing amazing performers at a very high level of technique and artistic production.

The Eisteddfod, which is held entirely at BREC, starts on Thursday 29 May and runs to Saturday 21 June. The event will conclude with the Gala Concert on Saturday 28 June from 7pm. Daily sessions are adjudicated professionally delivering positive feedback to the contestants and providing affordable entertainment to the whole community. Please note that during the month of June when the Eisteddfod runs, there will be no events held on a Sunday nor will the Eisteddfod be running on the public holiday in June 2014.

For more information on the Eisteddfod, visit