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Bending the Rules - presented by Christine Danton

Saturday 3 September 05:30 PM
Bending the Rules - presented by Christine Danton

Christine Danton is known internationally not only as one of the all time greats in the world of contortion, but she has exceeded the normal retirement age of those gone before her by decades. So respected is she for her longevity in the business she was asked to be a keynote speaker and performer at the International Contortion Convention held in Las Vegas in recent times a great honor bestowed upon her by her peers.

Cabaret, circus, theatre, television, conventions, cruises, the fringe and festivals, are just some of the places she has performed at regularly in her career beginning at tha age of seven in a show called Kangaroos on Parade in Adelaide. She also performed regularly as a feature dancer in the channel 7 ballet whilst she was still attending school before she went on her journey has a contortionist.

The word that is most often used by audiences of all ages after seeing her perform is inspiring, another is amazing as most people do not expect to see a 71 year old woman performing the feats she does with such expertise, grace and dignity. This is because the world in general has a perception about aging that says we must stop doing certain things just because we have reached a certain age, including issues such as retirement, exercising and sex.

In BENDING THE RULES Christine will challenge you on your thinking about aging and leave you questioning your own perceptions and whether you may be best to make some changes in your own life that will better serve you and those around you as you journey through life here on earth.

Christine's personal motto is: "I want to be the best that I can, for as long as I am."

"Bending The Rules" will inspire you, delight you and most of all entertain you.