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Ben Maiorana Presents

The Beatles 50 Years On

Friday 15 May 08:00 PM
Run time: 150 mins inc interval
The Beatles 50 Years On

Direct from a sensational sell-out tour of Australia & New Zealand, the world's premier 'Beatles' band, the Fabulous Beatle Boys are bringing their highly acclaimed recreation of the Beatles one and only tour of Australia to a select few Australian cities and towns that missed out the first time round.

2014 marked the 50th Anniversary of the greatest music tour this country has ever seen or is ever likely to see again. We are headed your way 50 Years On and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience an unforgettable piece of Australian music history, twice if you were there in 64.

It changed social and cultural attitudes in this country overnight; created a whole new pop culture. It changed fashion and it changed us. Boys started to wear their hair longer and girls their skirts shorter. We changed and we never looked back.

Internationally recognised rock music guru and Beatles author Glenn A Baker describes the Fabulous Beatle Boys thus: "The Fabulous Beatle Boys impress with their deft grasp of the Fab Four's entire span." Plus a microcosm of the great comments from those fortunate enough to have already seen this magnificent show:

Audiences will see the original 64 tour show as it was performed all those years ago in Australia. The identical song set, the outfits, the instruments and atmosphere will be faithfully recreated.

Audiences will be encouraged to help recreate that atmosphere; to scream, shout and jump about. Well, maybe parents might leave that to their daughters and grandchildren.

Whatever they decide, it is going to be huge fun and an experience to savor all over again.

To increase the duration of the concert to today's acceptable standards of length, the Fabulous Beatle Boys will also add the Beatles' biggest and most loved hits but the original concert will be performed intact and as it was all those years ago.


The most exhilarating show I have seen in years

I.M. 99.3FM

'Something' was nothing short of magnificent

Life Music Media

It was one of those special nights

R.C. Auckland NZ