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Queen: It's a Kinda Magic!

Thursday 25 September 08:00 PM
Queen: It's a Kinda Magic!

** All remaining tickets $48 **

A theatrical creation of the very best of Queen, live in concert! Queen - It's A Kinda Magic delivers the whole Queen experience - from the passion and excitement of Freddie Mercury to the amazing guitar solos of Brian May and all those unbelievable harmonies. Delivered with 21st century sound and lighting and starring Giles Taylor, it creates the best of the 70's/80's rock era in a way that will transport you in time.

The stage performance and presence of Freddie Mercury and the other musicians in the hit smash Queen - It's A Kinda Magic is so close to the real thing the even Freddie's trusted personal assistant and confidante Peter Freestone has given it the thumbs up.

Queen - It's A Kinda Magic features over 20 original Queen hits including We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, Fat Bottom Girls, We Are the Champions and many more.


"The greatest creation of a night of Queen existing in the world today"


"The thrill, the excitement, the personality and theatrical experience that was Freddie live! I have not seen another show in the world do it better, they are truly are A Kinda Magic".