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XDR (Aust) Cultural Promotion Pty Ltd presents

Celtic Legends

Friday 21 November 07:30 PM

Born in the wild and beautiful hills of in Connemara in Ireland back in 2002, Celtic Legends has journeyed around the world from small beginnings. A show bathed in the traditional culture of music and dance of Ireland can now be seen in every corner of the planet. The show, with100% live music, dance and song while respecting the culture and ancient history generates an electric atmosphere that has swept audiences away to Ireland, its culture, its land , its pubs, its music and its heart.

The music is traditional at its core with all of Ireland's national instruments, the fiddle driving frenetic reels, our great drum, the bodhran beating out the driving rhythms of the band, the plaintive uilleann pipes calling back to days of yore with beautiful and haunting slow airs. The musicians are the worlds best with virtuoso quality and a love for their art unmatched.

The dancers take the stage with brilliant flashes of speed. All of our dancers while young have performed from an early age having won many world championships and having toured with shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. This show however, is LIVE. Their jigs and reels are performed are a joy to watch and many audiences want to get to join in - many actually do!

Irish dance has enjoyed a spectacular revival in recent years with the aforementioned Irish shows however Celtic Legends recreates the art form but stripping the art form to its bare essentials. By presenting traditional dance the show has a more vital feel; cast members are more creative and dynamic, audiences are more engaged and everyone leaves the show feeling they have been more involved and have had more of an insight into what Ireland and its country really is. Irish dance has blended with other cultures of late, this is not a blend, it is the real thing!

The choreographer Jacintha Sharpe has a wealth of experience and is indeed revered by dancers worldwide. After touring the world with some of the top shows Jacintha wanted to create a more essential, vital and exciting style of Irish dance so she jumped at the chance to join Legends. She has created traditional pieces that merge perfectly with the live on stage sound that the band creates. The intricate group numbers are complimented by looser solo spots which are the hit of the night.

The musical director, Sean McCarthy is widely recognized as one of the best players of Uilleann pipe in the world. Sean has been awarded the All-Ireland Uilleann pipes title on six occasions as well as being a three in a row winner of the esteemed Oireachtas na Gaeilge. He has performed throughout the world with top dance shows and groups. Sean composed a unique show, traditional, live, spectacular.