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BREC presents

Kaya - Ochre Contemporary Dance

Thursday 15 September 11:00 AM
Friday 16 September 11:00 AM
Friday 16 September 08:00 PM
Saturday 17 September 02:00 PM
Saturday 17 September 08:00 PM
Kaya - Ochre Contemporary Dance

BREC is excited to welcome Perth-based Ochre Contemporary Dance Company to Bunbury for to begin their professional residency this August. The company will be based at BREC and will spend time with local artists, performers and indigenous communities as it works towards producing a new work, Kaya. This will be the world premiere of Kaya before the company takes it on tour around Australia and internationally.

Kaya (Hello) amalgamates a variety of Indigenous dance cultures (Nyoongar, Wongi and Bundjulung) with world-dance techniques (Indian, Maori, Western Contemporary and Classical) in a unique fusion of dynamic dance and music that vividly portrays the excitement and danger of our modern cultural mix. The work celebrates the world's oldest living cultures and examines the danger and benefits of cross-cultural clash and collaboration. It recognizes the world's urgent need for mutual respect and understanding.

Kaya features brilliant Indigenous performers (such as Trevor Jamieson, Amrita Hepi, Ian Wilkes and Michael Smith) alongside the internationally renowned Isha Shavani and Tao Issaro (Daksha Sheth Dance from India), Kate Harman (The Farm) and Floeur Alder. It is unique dance theatre that will attract new audiences from a variety of communities (indigenous, dance, theatre, multi-cultural, music).

Choreographed by the dancers, devised through intense dramaturgy and improvisation, the work is emotional, athletic, fierce, and humorous; and suitable for all ages and cultures. It is a unique and powerful new dance work that grapples with one of the world's most pressing questions... how do we get on with one another?


Stage One theatre will be open all day for the community to come in and watch Ochre Dance Company reherse.

Thursday, 8th September 10am - 5pm.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.