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BREC, Regional Arts Victoria and Bunk Puppets present

Swamp Juice

Friday 22 August 07:00 PM
Run time: 55 mins (no interval)
Swamp Juice

Swamp Juice is the second production from acclaimed Canadian-born performer, Jeff Achtem.

Using bits of rubbish and household items, Jeff creates stories in shadow puppetry. All of the puppetry is performed in front of the screen, so the audience gets a peek at how each silhouette is made.

Swamp Juice is a simple story, told with no dialogue or text. A man explores a swamp, interacting with the characters that he finds: a pair of bickering snails, a mouse teasing a snake and bird feeding its chick. A chase begins, and the man and the bird tear about the theatre, leaping off the stage and into the venue. Looking up, the audience are immersed in the action and see Jeff's homemade shadows zip around on all the walls and the ceiling above.

Then, in a gripping DIY finale, each member of the audience is handed a pair of 3D glasses and the chase moves into 3D shadow puppetry. The audience jumps as jellyfish hang over their heads, and swamp monsters leap out from the shadow puppet screen. Totally unforgettable!

Swamp Juice is a playful and immersive puppet experience suitable for all ages.

Warning: may frighten young children. Recommended for ages 7+


"Hauntingly beautiful. Awesome"

Adelaide Advertiser