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BREC Presents

The Listies 6D

Saturday 11 March 02:00 PM
Run time: 60 mins
The Listies 6D

Back by poopular demand!

Get ready because Australia's most sought after kids' comedians are on the road with their award winning show 6D (*It's Twice as Good as 3D) , a sketch comedy show all about the movies. Expect haunted backpacks, ninja nans, toilet paper guns and an actual movie made at every performance on a helmet mounted GoPro!

Anarchic, unruly and guaranteed to have the whole family (even dads) rolling in the aisles, the Listies forgo the usual pitfalls of kids' entertainment like fairies and princesses and instead stuff their shows with all the highbrow things that kids really love like fart jokes and vomiting puppets. Best of all it's 100% education free! They aim to make their entire audience (adults included) laugh from start to finish. Expect LOLs, ROLFs and the even ROFLSHALBOWCOs (rolling on the floor laughing so hard a little bit of wee comes out).

The Listies 6D* (*Twice as Good as 3D) is six dimensions of fun:

1. Raucous

2. Disgusting

3. Hilarious

4. Interactive

5. Messy

6. Insane

The end of nice sanitised kids entertainment as we know it. Rated S for stupid.