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BREC and Monkey Baa Theatre Company present

Pete the Sheep

Tuesday 24 June 06:00 PM
Wednesday 25 June 11:00 AM
Wednesday 25 June 01:00 PM
Run time: 50 minutes
Pete the Sheep

** 11am show SOLD OUT!! **

Monkey Baa Theatre Company presents Pete the Sheep, based on the hilarious, quintessentially Australian picture book by 2014 Australian Children's Laureate Jackie French and illustrator Bruce Whatley. This hilarious musical comedy written by Monkey Baa's Creative Team of Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry, and directed by Jonathan Biggins with music composed by Phillip Scott, explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual, and will be a lasting tribute to honouring your own spirit and strength, whilst working with the flock!

In Pete the Sheep we meet Shaun, the new sheep shearer in 'Shaggy Gully' and a sheepdog with a difference, in that he is - err ... a sheep. Since shearing is such hard work, all the other shearers have sheep dogs to help them, but not Shaun. He has Pete, a sheep-sheep. The other shearers in the shed are not happy with Shaun and his sheep-sheep. This just doesn't sit right with the regular shearers at the shed, things are done a certain way you see - and we can't go having things out of the ordinary, and Pete is definitely out of the ordinary. Owner shearer Shaun insists Pete is just as good as any old sheepdog - if not better. While dogs go 'arf arf', Pete simply goes 'baa baaaa', and the other shearers don't like it one little bit.

Following rejection by the shearers and their dogs, Shaun and Pete set up their own Shearing Salon in town where they are inundated with woolly clients, who delight in Shaun's styling prowess. Pete the Sheep is guaranteed to provide 50 minutes of hilarious fun that will delight the young (ages 4- 9) and the young at heart.

Pete the Sheep will be imaginatively told by Andrew James, Nat Jobe, Todd Keys and Jeff Teale playing the characters of shearers, dogs and sheep. The production delves into the quirks of rural life, explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual, pays tribute to friendship and celebrates diversity and social inclusivity.


"…a truly Aussie tale - delightful, funny, iconic, warm and hilariously Ocker, from the lingo to the names to the shearers' blue singlets..."


"Sheep, mutts and shearers - Jackie French and Bruce Whatley have created a kids' book where the larrikin heart of rural Australia leaps right off the page. And what better place for it to land than on the stage? Monkey Baa bring their trademark wit, physical comedy and song to animate this delightful story of one man and his sheep-shearing sheep. Ewes all will love it!"