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BREC Summer Film Festival presented by Act-Belong-Commit

Wednesday May 9 (M)

Friday 20 January 03:00 PM
Friday 3 February 07:00 PM
Run time: 102min

Iranian | Subtitled | Drama | M

Why would someone give money away? What sort of consolation can that offer? On May 9, Jayal Ashtiyani, a teacher, has offered to provide a significant sum of money to a worthy person in need. His advertisement in the local Tehran newspaper has encouraged people to come to his office and make a convincing appeal. But how will he, and the police, deal with the throngs of needy candidates who assemble? How does he decide who's actually the most worthy? Creating tension at every turn, Wednesday, May 9 draws its audience deep into the tangled web of the predicaments it raises.

★★★ "Jalilvand and his fine cast create considerable tension… so effective" - David Stratton, The Australian

"The humanism of the finest Iranian cinema shines through" - The Hollywood Reporter

"Excellent acting from top star Niki Karimi" - Variety

"The manifestation of high-quality and philanthropic Iranian cinema" - Iran Daily