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BREC and Hit Productions present


Friday 7 November 08:00 PM
Run time: 135 mins (including interval)

** All tickets $35 including a glass of wine & nibbles on arrival, plus the chance to win a fantastic door prize! **

Six women on the brink. Which one are you?

Meet Meryl, mother of three, desperately trying to find her sanity, the baby's socks, and time for a coffee. Then there's Theresa, blushing bride-to-be, walking down the aisle with the love of her life. Or so she thought. And of course Zoe Struthers, siren of the stage, making her illustrious comeback, aided with the help of a little tipple…

Joy, drama, crisis, fear, revelation - there are times in life where you have to remain absolutely cool and calm on the outside. The inside, meanwhile, is let loose to a flailing monologue of personal pep talks, perish-the-thoughts and perpetual PANIC!

Multi-award winning Australian playwright and author Joanna Murray-Smith's highly acclaimed play Bombshells is a journey from crisis to hilarity, via the secret thoughts of a group of women linked by more than just their proximity to the edge.

With singing, dancing, comedy and the joys of sheer honesty, this extraordinary one-woman show strips back the façade at a whirlwind pace to reveal the things that sometimes, we'd just love to say out loud.

WARNING - Contains coarse language and sexual references. Not suitable for children.