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Professional Residency Program Announced

Professional Residency Program Announced

BREC will welcome Perth-based Ochre Contemporary Dance Company to Bunbury for a five-week residency this August. The company will be based at BREC and will spend time with local artists, performers and indigenous communities as it works towards producing a new work, Kaya. This will be the world premiere of Kaya before the company takes it on tour around Australia and internationally.

The residency marks the first step towards Ochre relocating to Bunbury, which will be a huge coup for the local performing arts industry. "It's a big step for BREC to have its own resident artistic company and I can't think of a better company than Ochre, which is anchored in the culture of Western Australia and beautifully connects with audiences of all cultural backgrounds," BREC General Manager Sharon Custers said.

BREC is committed to building a performing arts industry in Bunbury and hopes to attract performers from all over the country to make Bunbury their home. "Bunbury is perfectly placed to be the home base for professional performers and theatre-makers. This unique setting, with its proximity to Perth as well as the beauty of the South West and the heritage of our local Nyoongar people, can be a great inspiration to artists creating work," Ms Custers said.

"It makes sense for BREC, with its state-of-the-art facilities, to open its doors to professional artists seeking a home base in the South West. It also means local amateur theatre-makers and students will have easy access to experienced professionals as mentors."

Ochre features brilliant Indigenous performers such as Trevor Jamieson, Amrita Hepi, Ian Wilkes and Michael Smith, alongside the internationally renowned Isha Shavani and Tao Issaro (Daksha Sheth Dance), Kate Harman and Floeur Alder. It is unique dance theatre that will attract new audiences from a variety of communities, including the Indigenous, dance, theatre, multicultural and music communities. Choreographed by the dancers and devised through intense dramaturgy and improvisation, the work will be emotional, athletic, fierce, and humorous. It will be suitable for all ages and cultures.


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