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Re.Discover Bunbury with CBD Art Project

We are very excited to see some fantastic creative projects happening in Bunbury with the aim to promote vitality and vibrancy in the City's CBD. It's projects and ideas like this one below that make the South West such a fantastic place to live.

Re.Discover is a walking street art exhibition created to showcase six established West Australian artists through the painting & exhibiting of six exterior murals (one mural per artist) in the streets of the Bunbury's CBD from the 15th to the 18th of January 2014.

The selected West Australian artists are: Stormie Mills . Kyle Hughes-Odgers . Anya Brock . Jodee Knowles . Tim Howe & Andrew Frazer

The vision for the Re.Discover project in Bunbury's CBD is to :

  • Provide opportunity for a regional city to engage with established & celebrated West Australian artists.
  • Develop the reputation of Bunbury's CBD as a destination rather than a transit location & in turn increasing tourism.
  • Renew foot trac along Bunbury's CBD streets & in turn generating more customers walking through your doors.
  • Strengthen Bunbury's identity and sense of place - just as individuals have an identity so too do communities.
  • Activate the 'heart of the city' as the CBD area has been adversely aected by the paid parking and is competing with suburban shopping centres like Bunbury Forum, Eaton Fair and the new Treendale shopping centres for loyalty.

These large scale murals will be created on various selected exterior building walls through out the Bunbury CBD that will provide both residents & visitors alike a unique experience to celebrate art on a collaborative scale never seen before in the South West of Western Australia. Thanks to professional film maker Chad Peacock, the Re.Discover project will be visually documented to showcase & celebrate the positive inuence of street art in Bunbury's CBD & beyond.

The murals will be dispersed throughout the CBD so that individuals are encouraged to walk its breadth & depth* - in turn rediscovering the beauty of the city in a fresh & exciting way. is rediscovery walk will be encouraged & supported through the distribution of Re.Discover maps made available for free from various business locations outlining both the mural locations & also proling the corresponding artist.

The three days of painting on the streets will culminate in a group exhibition to be held at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery (Wittenoom Street, Bunbury WA) on the evening of the 18th of January from 6pm - 9pm. is is a platform where the public are welcome to meet the artists, have the opportunity to purchase their displayed work & to celebrate as a community the forward movement of creativity in Bunbury.

Re.Discover is proud to be a Bunbury originated project.

For more information regarding on how you can partner with the project on a range of levels**, please feel welcome to contact us directly using the details listed below.

For all additional information please visit . . +61 478 614 743 . Bunbury WA . 6230

*CBD boundaries : Carey St (North) . Blair St (East) Stirling St (South) . Wittenoom St (West)
**All sponsored payments are to be made to the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery & are tax deductible

Six Two Three Zero is a Bunbury based initiative created by Re.Discover artist & organiser - Andrew Frazer to serve as a creative brand that seeks to see Bunbury inspired through creative events.

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