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Outstanding Fringe shows come to BREC during our Grand Opening Festival

BREC is welcoming Perth Theatre Company to the Centre during our Grand Opening Festival with two award-winning productions - It's Dark Outside on Friday 18 July at 7pm & Saturday 19 July at 11am; and The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer on Saturday 19 July at 4pm & 7pm.

It's Dark Outside - Winner of the ArtsHub Critic's Choice Awards

Commissioned by Perth Theatre Company, It's Dark Outside is created and performed by Arielle Gray, Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts, the creators of the internationally renowned, multi-award winning production, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer. Joining Watts, Gray and Isaacs, is 2012 Martin Sims Award-winning composer Rachael Dease who has created a uniquely beautiful and moving score for the play.

As the sun sets, an old man and his noble tent go wandering into the wild. He is losing his mind. Swept up in a surreal world, he is on the run. Meanwhile, a mysterious tracker has caught the scent, and is hell bent on hunting him down. But while he can try and run away from the life he once knew, he can't hide from everything.

Inspired by experiences and research into Alzheimer's and Sundowner's Syndrome, the play will be another heartfelt, fearless and inventive adventure about ageing, getting lost and trying not to be found.

Puppetry, mask, animation and live performance are all expertly intertwined by the superbly talented cast to create a grand epic western about adventure, redemption and dementia.

Audiences will be drawn in by the perfect mix of enchanting, beautiful and uplifting moments that are woven throughout this must-see theatre event.

"A rare triumph of theatrical ingenuity and human compassion" - The West Australian
"A gently unfolding gem that will appeal to anyone curious to know what a new theatrical generation can do." - ABC

The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer - Winner of Outstanding Solo Show, New York Fringe

The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer is a tiny tale set in the deepest dark blue sea, of a solitary explorer with a heart as big as a whale.

In a highly imaginative fusion of animation, puppetry, projections, live and recorded music, master storyteller Tim Watts tells the tale of Alvin Sputnik, deep sea explorer, and the search for his lost love in the seemingly endless depths of the ocean.

Using a constantly creative, beguiling and quirky blend of live action, puppetry, animation, music and film, Australian genius Watts tells his story of love, loss and quiet heroism with engaging energy and an enchanting magic.

Young and old - both adults and children - will delight in this wonderfully romantic hour of pure abandonment. We can't recommend this highly enough... bring your friends, bring your family; they will owe you big time!

Having charmed audiences worldwide, and received countless five star reviews, BREC is delighted to be able to present this gorgeous production.

"An endearing Australian solo show told in stick-figure animation and puppetry...akin to a theatrical Wall-E" - The New York Times
"I highly doubt any $40 million Broadway spectacles could pack such an emotional wallop into two-and-a-half hours as Mr. Watts does into 45 minutes" -

Tickets for both shows are now on sale. Visit, call 1300 661 272 or drop into our Box Office.

BUY ONE, GET ONE HALF PRICE - Patrons who buy tickets to one show can then buy tickets for the other show for half price!



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