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What’s not to love about Out of the Box + Into the Cube?

What’s not to love about Out of the Box + Into the Cube?

Great bands, awesome tunes, delicious pizza, cocktails, arcade games and a laid back vibe…what's not to love about Out of the Box + Into the Cube?

Perth indie-rockers headlined October's Out of the Box, following it up with gigs supporting Luca Brasi and Morgan Bain. They have also just been announced as a support act for the legendary Hoodoo Gurus, British India & Jebadiah.

Tired Lion were supported at Out of the Box by up-and-coming band Silver Hills, who have just released their first EP. The boys followed their Bunbury debut at Out of the Box with a gig supporting Abbe May.

So how did the bands enjoy their first Out of the Box event, and what did they think of The Cube?

Silver Hills: People seemed to be having a good time, like at the bar and stuff. Great vibe. Great sound system. Being in a band that's more [important] than the aesthetics of things, a really good sound system makes your night.

Tired Lion: [The] production team was sick. We really appreciate people that can actually make us sound good. And they're not just hanging around coz they have been doing it for 40 years and they're over it. They really want to put in the best of efforts.

I found tonight was really effective in that sense where we could hear ourselves on stage. For me I usually struggle with a massive band. My bass player uses a fuzz pedal and I usually can't hear myself but tonight was awesome, I could hear everything. There's nothing else like it in Bunbury or the South West.

Silver Hills: This is probably the first place I've had the delay on my vocal pedal and I've put it on and put it loud and it hasn't been like eeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

And how was the Bunbury crowd?

Tired Lion: I think the crowd in Bunbury, the word I'd use is loose. They're hot, they're around to have fun.

Silver Hills: It was cool…you would see someone who was clearly under 30 dancing then you would see someone who was clearly over 35 really enjoying it.

There was a 'that guy' at our last two gigs...some guy shouting out and requesting songs that you would never even play as a joke.

There has been 'that guy' at our Perth shows, whereas here no one has seen us perform before so they don't ask us inane s**t. I thought it was really cool, I almost expected to walk outside and see five people in the audience, but there was a whole bunch of people. It doesn't matter how old they are, if there is someone with a pair of ears that's gonna listen to you then that's a good thing.

Tired Lion: I'm not bagging out Perth or anything but you do get those pretentious people that Silver Hills are talking about in the crowd, whereas here everyone's like having a fun night. Last time we were down here we were playing with Kingswood and we ended up going back to the Bunbury Hotel with a couple of the locals and it was just like, those people really appreciate music, they're not just doing it to be in the scene. Even the dads are hot down here.

Stay tuned for details of Out of the Box + Into the Cube events coming soon…

Photo by Christian Byrt



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