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UPDATE - Help us create the set for The Confidence Man!

UPDATE (Friday 3 November): Thankyou to Meadowbrooke Lifestyle Estate Boyanup for loaning us the bulk of the furniture required for The Confidence Man! Thanks also go to Dardanup Removals for transporting the furniture to BREC.

We still require the following items for our set. If you are able to assist, please email Kelsie Miller on

  • 1 x wooden dining table for six (chairs not needed)
  • 1-2 kitchen cupboards
  • 1 x outdoor chair/deckchair
  • 1 x kitchen bin
  • 8-12 large pot plants
  • 1 x door mat
  • 3 x pillows
  • 1 x single doona
  • 1 x double doona
  • 1 x standard lamp

AUGUST 26, 2015:

BREC is inviting the Bunbury community to get involved in the creation of one of the most unusual shows to tour in 2015, by donating items to be used in the set. The Confidence Man is set in a simple two-bedroom house, with the audience sitting around the performance space. There are no scenery flats, but rather the walls are represented by tape lines which form the 'blue print' of the dwelling.

This space will then be filled with household furniture and bric-a-brac. We will be aiming to source these through the local community as well as through local op shops. If items are purchased from op shops they will be donated back to the store at the conclusion of the show, effectively becoming a donation to the charity.

Items donated by the community will be returned to the owner at the completion of the shows. If you are able to contribute any of the items below, please email Kelsie Miller on

BREC is looking for:

  • A selection of indoor plants to be used on stage
  • 1 x Double bed (low profile)
  • 1 x Single bed (low profile)
  • 1 x Dining table for 6 (rectangular)
  • 6 x Dining chairs
  • 1-2 x Kitchen cupboards
  • 1 x Two-seater couch (preferably low profile approx. 900mm high) Must be able to remove cushions
  • 1 x Armchair couch (preferably low profile approx. 900mm high)
  • 1 x Coffee table
  • 1 x Rug for the floor
  • 1 x small bedroom desk
  • 1 x Swivel office chair
  • 3 x Bedside draws (small)
  • 1 x Outdoor chair/deckchair
  • 1 x Kitchen bin
  • 8-12 x Large pot plants
  • 1 x Door Mat
  • 2 x Couch Cushions
  • 3 x Pillows
  • 1 x Single doona
  • 1 x Double doona
  • 1 x Blanket
  • 2 x Small side table - lounge room
  • 1 x Card table
  • 2 x Fold out chairs
  • 6 x Medium size cardboard boxes
  • 1 x Standard lamp
  • 1 x empty whiskey/liquor bottle
  • 4 x Mugs
  • 1 x Tea pot
  • 1 x Portable Tape/CD player (doesn't need to be functional)
  • 1 x Tea Towel
  • 1 x Mixing Bowl
  • 2 x bedside lamps

The Confidence Man



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