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Name A Seat Campaign Celebrates Milestone

Donors will at BREC last night to celebrate a milestone achievement in the Name a Seat campaign, which so far has raised a staggering $75,000 since November last year.

BREC General Manager Joel McGuinness says, "We're delighted and very thankful with the response so far from people within the community."

Former BREC Club President (1995) John Skillen said of his donation: "I am thrilled about having the opportunity to put something towards the Entertainment Centre. Thanks for this opportunity."

Rosemary Swaving, BREC Club Secretary and volunteer for 22 years, also donated to the campaign, naming seat S22, as a symbolic gesture of her wonderful memories at the Centre. Soon to be moving to Perth, Rosemary says, "I wanted to leave a lasting legacy at the Centre for my family here in Bunbury, a reminder of the great times I've had here."

Mr McGuinness says, "I urge people to donate now, as many rows of seats have already been taken.

"We're hoping that more businesses come on board and name a row of seats. Each seat potentially represents $50 per year over 10 years of advertising for your business. Donations of $5,000 will be listed on an Honour Board to feature in the new Centre's foyer and all donations are fully tax deductible.

"As the expansion edges towards completion we require further funds to purchase essential equipment to ensure the Centre is fully operational and able to meet the needs of our growing community. We need to raise an additional $75,000 by May."

Those who name a seat will be invited to an exclusive donors only thank you event in June, being the first to enjoy the new Centre.

To find out more about naming a seat, click here.


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