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Local Boy Gives Awesome Fest 16 Thumbs Up!

Local Boy Gives Awesome Fest 16 Thumbs Up!

While the majority of the population was glued to the AFL Grand Final at the weekend, local boy Rocky headed to Perth to check out the AWESOME Festival before it arrives at BREC on the 22 October. Braving the ferocious wind and seething rain, Rocky discovered just how great the AWESOME Festival is.

The 10 year old pupil from Bunbury Primary School spent 2 days at the Festival in Perth and had a few thoughts he had to share.

" I reckon the AWESOME Festival was pretty…. AWESOME!

First up I went to the Imagination Playground. There you can make anything, you can let your imagination go wild! There are loads of blue foam shapes that you can build into anything you want. I spent ages there, building and then knocking over my creations.

I also visited the Better Beginnings Books-to-Go workshop, which I would recommend for 6 and under. I took my cousins who are 5 and 2, they loved it! We all created a book of our own. I wrote a story about Dabbing. Once our books were written and we'd drawn some pictures, they were photocopied. We left the photocopy at the workshop, so other kids can come along and read our books.

I am really excited for the AWESOME Festival to come to Bunbury. There is a show called the Bookbinder, which I didn't get to see in Perth. I looked at it online and can't wait to go and see it. I am also doing the Illustration workshop with James Foley!

Start off International Children's Week at BREC with AWESOME Festival 2016. For more information visit or call our friendly box office staff on 1300 661 272.


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