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West Austalian Ballet Perform Radio & Juliet

West Austalian Ballet Perform Radio & Juliet

A fast-paced and hard-hitting contemporary take on Shakespeare's classic who's appeal stretches farther than the usual ballet enthusiasts with the addition of the powerful accompanying soundtrack of British rock band Radiohead. The powerful sounds and energy will entrance at Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on Saturday, 1st October at 8pm.

What if Juliet chose to live? It's the modern age, Juliet leaves the fateful tomb and remembers her life in flashbacks. The familiar tale of Montagues and Capulets, fights and forbidden love.

Slovenian choreographer Edward Clug's alternative spin on the world's most famous love story features intricate choreography. Paired with the sounds of Radiohead makes for an overt, introspective journey through the psyche of modern day Juliet.

Radiohead, a 1990's English rock band, best known for 'Creep', 'Karma Police', 'Fake Plastic Trees' and 'Motion Picture Soundtrack', with a distinctive gloomy sound accompany the devastating story superbly.
With only one performance, we recommend getting in fast for what would have to be the most exciting ballet of 2016!

Tickets are available online, by calling 1300 661 272 or in person at the Box Office.


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