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Southwest Community Welcome Contemporary Dance Company Ochre

Southwest Community Welcome Contemporary Dance Company Ochre

Perth based Contemporary Dance Company, Ochre arrive in Bunbury on Wednesday 24 August to begin their residency at BREC. There will be an official Welcome to Country at Wyalup Rocky Point at 2pm, followed by a traditional smoking ceremony and a short talk about the Indigenous heritage of the area by Troy Bennell.

"BREC would love to see the local community come along to provide a warm welcome to our first professional performing arts company in residence, and to celebrate our strong Noongar culture and heritage," said BREC General Manager, Sharon Custers

The group will then walk from Wyalup Rocky Point through Bunbury to the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre, where afternoon tea will be provided in the Sky Bar. There will also be a short overview of the activities, workshops, rehearsals and shows that are planned during Ochre's time in Bunbury.

Ochre features brilliant Indigenous performers such as Trevor Jamieson, Amrita Hepi, Ian Wilkes and Michael Smith, alongside the internationally renowned Isha Shavani and Tao Issaro (Daksha Sheth Dance), Kate Harman and Floeur Alder. It is unique dance theatre that will attract new audiences from a variety of communities, including the Indigenous, dance, theatre, multicultural and music communities. Choreographed by the dancers and devised through intense dramaturgy and improvisation, the work will be emotional, athletic, fierce, and humorous. It will be suitable for all ages and cultures.

Tickets can be booked by visiting the Box Office from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, or by calling the Box Office on 1300 661 272.


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