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Meet the Team

Get to know BREC's staff members on a more light-hearted level...

Sharon Custers

General Manager
Sharon joined BREC in March 2016 with a passion for innovation in the arts. Past escapades include running away with the circus to work for Cirque du Soleil in Macau and managing a solar-powered, zero-waste music festival in Melbourne. She likes to rock the boat, especially if everyone inside is having a nanna nap!

Noel Cavanagh

Finance Administrator
As an important part of the BREC team for 17 years and counting, Noel also considers himself a Steven Spielberg fan; he’s fascinated and inspired by a great mind at work. The field of finance is not at all alien to Noel; his expertise is matched by his kind and considerate demeanour.

Peta Bazzo

Box Office Manager
When family members and a West Coast Eagles football game combine, Peta’s happiness soars and everyone wins. Her friends know her to be a happy, loyal and philosophical person, and her concerns are grounded in fair play; Peta seeks world peace.

Suzanne Clark

Conventions & Events Manager
Suzanne's passion is ensuring that everyone that attends a BREC event leaves with a positive and warm experience. She lists the most rewarding experience in her life as immigrating to Australia with her husband and two beautiful children, where she now enjoys the wonderful climate and beauty of the South West.

Daniel Brand

Technical Crew
Having been part of the BREC Technical team since mid-2014, "Little Dan" loves working on the audio aspects of a show and has a passion for learning on the job. Spending time with family and friends is a big priority, and if a magical elf granted him one wish, Daniel would love to be able to fly.

Amy Ward

Box Office Staff
Next time you’re at the Box Office, say hello to Amy! As a kind, caring and passionate individual, Amy’s most rewarding experience in life so far is having children. Her heart lies in providing the best possible life for them that she can, helping them through any challenges they may face.

Marj Quinn

Box Office Staff
As a proud mother of three, Marj is family orientated. Her wish is something that’s true to her heart - to have her family close to her in Australia. She’d also love to mingle with the inexhaustibly iconic John Travolta; together they’d experience the feverous dance routines of disco, presumably on a Saturday night.

Kylie Burton

Box Office Staff
Box Office team member Kylie loves coming home to the hugs and kisses of her kids. This super-mum is also a force to be reckoned with on the athletic field with over 20 years of dedication playing netball, softball and volleyball. Having been born on Mother’s Day, Kylie believes she was the best gift her Mum could've received.

Catherine Sheridan

Box Office Staff
Catherine, who joined the Box Office team in July 2015, lists moving to Australia from Scotland six years ago and meeting her husband as the most rewarding experience in her life so far. She has a passion for music and cooking, and if a magic elf granted her one wish, it would be to win lotto so she could travel around the world.

Tasha Dowson

Food & Beverage Coordinator
Energetic, hard-working and bubbly, Tasha has been part of the BREC team since 2014, coming on board in the food & beverage team as part of the centre's expansion. A mother to four beautiful children, Tasha has a passion for netball and her family. If she could hang out with a film star for a day it would be Channing Tatum - for obvious reasons.