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7 FFFs

On the 15 October 2015, Maureen Rose wrote:

Wow wow. Wow. What an amazing concert. Thankyou girls. Your service is second to none.

On the 4 September 2015, Myra Easton wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The platters were great and most enjoyable. I hope we see more of this style of entertainment, thank you for a great night.

On the 4 September 2015, Gary & Robyn Brennan wrote:

It was a sensational night of great food, great atmosphere and quality entertainment. Well done to all at BREC including the volunteers, we encourage more of this.

On the 4 September 2015, Annie Hicks wrote:

A truly amazing and memorable evening enjoyed by table 12. Good food and Evans Haile - what more could anyone ask for? Congratulations on the Cabaret style. Many thanks!

On the 28 August 2015, Lisa Adams wrote:

Had a fantastic night out at BREC!

On the 28 August 2015, Bev Garrett - Ocean Forest Lutheran College wrote:

I would just like to thank Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre for the fantastic work they did in assisting us in promoting the above show.

We couldn’t have asked for anything more – you were all absolutely amazing in your professionalism, and the ‘tech guys’ were just so knowledgeable.

A big thank you to all involved, you made our lives much easier!

On the 28 November 2013, Annie wrote:

BREC is the best in the South West. We love the variety in the offerings and the staff are all very friendly. My husband and I used to volunteer on the BREC Club and enjoyed learning new skills and being a part of the centre. Keep up the great work!

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